Tuesday, 1 December 2009

and really bad eggs.

we're devils and blacksheep and really bad eggs, drink up me hearties, yo ho!
i love these movies. i always did, even when everyone else in the entire world turned against it after the 'horrible third one' (iloveditstfu, it's probably my favourite one), but my obsession seems to be rising it's head again after i watched curse of the black pearl last week. and seriously, have you heard the soundtracks? especially the at world's end one, hans zimmer is a genius. and the klaus badelt 'he's a pirate' 'theme' song of it just makes me dance and skip around like a drunken pirate every time i hear it.
god, what i would give to be a pirate... just for the clothes. i'm going to dress up as a pirate whilst in disneyworld this christmas, or at least take it up a level. i usually dress like a pirate, what with my many many silver rings and heavy jewelry and messy hair and baggy shirts and my general crazy behaviour helps, but i've got a blonde dreadlock wig, which i'll proudly sport. then maybe wrap a dark bandana around it and wear my jack sparrow hat... i also have the jack sparrow bandana-dreadlock combination, but it's not the best wig in the world. i might bring it incase the weather's too warm for the proper wig. i'll definately take a picture and post it up and let y'all laugh at my general craziness (:
there should be so many more pirate movies. and keira knightley should swap her body/hair/life with me.

ten days before i leave and am able to dress up and act like a drunk little child! <3
btw, see (captain) jack's ring in the third picture? guess who owns a copy! :D 
pirates of the caribbean web.

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