Thursday, 3 December 2009

little girl plaits.

love outfit on the right, not so much on the left. i wish i had long hair like this. i know it's fake, but i don't really care.
my hair is horrible; i know everyone says that, but mine really is. it's thin and completely dead; i straightened it too much when i was thirteen/fourteen, and it died a little. i refused them to cut it short, but i got it cut to shoulder length; it was straight/wavy when i was young, but not it's curly. think htoeath ledger's joker hair, but frizzier. that plus it being so thin is depressing. i want long hair, i'm in love with long hair, but it seems that it will remain a dream. i'm more than determined to get (real) extensions when i'm older. i just hate short hair, and i'm getting it cut short again on saturday. :3


Gabriela said...

love the pics, and yes I also love the outfit on the right more than the other one.

Anonymous said...

Amanda nørgaard is all over.. love her style!

Heavy eyes said...

Great lovely happy models..