Saturday, 16 January 2010

no shit sherlock.

i saw sherlock holmes last night and spent roughly about seventy five percent of the time watching robert downey junior. fuck, for a forty four year old ex-drug addict he sure looks fierce. why am i so attracted to older men, often with a drug-related history? he really shouldn't be attractive, but despite the wrinkles and the greying hair and general age, i couldn't keep my eyes off him. the movie, of course, was amazing; a little tricky in parts but it was definately worth it. rachel mcadams is climbing my girl crush list and jude law still freaks me, and the costumes made me die inside (personal favourite was rachel mcadams dress when she was boarding the train and rdj in the teashades at the cemetery, the first picture). and i'm secretly holding out for another oscar nom for rdj: idk, it's probably unlikely, but he made holmes so... imperfectly perfect. i've only seen holmes portrayed once before, when i was about eight, and it was the classic, perfect, intelligent, has-no-faults, can-do-no-wrong holmes (don't know the actor, but remember it was hounds of the baskervilles). but rdj's holmes was just so horrible, selfish and tormented i loved him.   

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